47RE Stage 1 Rebuild Kit (price includes core charge)
47RE Stage 1 Rebuild Kit (price includes core charge)
47RE Stage 1 Rebuild Kit (price includes core charge)
47RE Stage 1 Rebuild Kit (price includes core charge)

47RE Stage 1 Rebuild Kit (price includes core charge)

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PTP kits were designed by transmission builders, while keeping you in mind.

  We were tired of having to order our parts from 4 or 5 different suppliers, so we came up with these, and now you can get everything you need at one time from one place!

We designed these kits to be user friendly, we wanted to be able to provide you with everything you need to build a transmission that lasts!  You will be able to build the same kind of heavy duty or performance transmission, as the big name shops, at a fraction of the price! 


If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us, and we can build a kit to suit your needs!


We also use as many OEM parts as we can get our hands on, unless aftermarket parts have proved to outperform them!


All of our products come with a FREE tech service!  We have a Facebook page, you can email us on here, and we also have a number you can can call. 



PTP HD Kit Includes

Master O/H kit, borgwarner clutches, steels,and all gaskets and seals needed.

  We have added GPZ clutches and *Kolene steels* to the direct and O/D brake clutch packs, and made them where you can add an extra clutch to each pack, now you can run 5 directs and 6 O/D brake clutches, and all gaskets and seals needed.     *Factory steels will be substituted when kolenes are on back order*


Borgwarner Intermediate Flex Band, rear double wrap band 

(you can upgrade to the solid raybestos wide band for an additional $150, just please message use before you checkout)




Transgo shift kit, Transgo detent kit, Transgo TV valve kit, Transgo reverse boost valve

Sonnax improved switch valve (improves torque converter function)


Front pump bushing and direct drum bushing

Thrust washer kit


Thrust plate w/bearing

Thrust bearing

Output shaft bearing.


Intermediate shaft spacer

Sonnax O/D shim kit


Rostra HD governor pressure sensor (capable of handling 200psi) or Rostra round sensor (96-99 models)

DNJ GM conversion kit  (Doesn't flood out under high pressure and responds quicker than the OEM solenoid)

Rostra O/D and L/U solenoid

Rostra output speed sensor


O/D and Low/Reverse roller clutches

O/D direct waved snapring

Forward clutch return spring


TCS billet servo, billet accumulator, billet band strut, billet anchor, and billet apply arm


Superior rear super servo (Has two guide rings to keep the servo from flipping in the bore and causing a no reverse condition)


Sonnax billet one piece input shaft



Transfer case input and output seal



Goerend torque converter, triple disc, stock or low stall, and billet cover (Torque converter has a $350 core charge)  Torque converter must be returned within 30 days, for the refund to apply!

 **We use Goerend for all high HP converter applications.**


The torque converter is shipped with an ARS return tag, to make it easy for you to return it and allows you to get your refund faster! 

**If you are doing boosted 4x4 launches, we highly recommend a billet output shaft**