68RFE HP Valvebody assembly 07.5-2018  (+$200 core charge)
68RFE HP Valvebody assembly 07.5-2018  (+$200 core charge)
68RFE HP Valvebody assembly 07.5-2018  (+$200 core charge)
68RFE HP Valvebody assembly 07.5-2018  (+$200 core charge)

68RFE HP Valvebody assembly 07.5-2018 (+$200 core charge)

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As usual all our products come with FREE tech! 


Lead time can be up to a week in some cases, but in most cases valvebodies are shipped within 2 to 3 days. 


From the beginning, the 68RFE has been plagued with O/D clutch failure.  About 98% is due to valvebody issues.

The issues in the valvebody stem from the factory channel casting warping, flexing, and even cracking in some instances.  This allows for numerous problems, pressure loss, cross leaks, premature switch valve bore wear.

As of right now, all "built valvebodies" on the market are using the factory casting and some kind of bonded plate or gasket to try and stop the problems.  Even a bonded plate and/or gasket isn't going to stop the factory plate from flexing, warping, or cracking.



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That is where DNJ components comes in, they designed the DNJ billet channel plate to FIX these issues, and to allow the transmission to achieve higher line pressures for maximum performance and durability.   (Tuning is required for raised line pressure)


Valvebody breakdown:  We only use late model anodized valvebody cores, at this time they are the only ones that have proven to last.

Every valvebody is flat sanded to ensure a flat surface to match up to the DNJ billet channel casting. 

After flat sanding the valvebody, it is now vacuum tested before and after reaming of the switch valve bore, to ensure hydraulic integrity is restored.

Then the bore is polished to ensure proper operation of the switch valve.

Once the valvebody has had the sonnax or transgo oversized switch valve installed, the bore is lubed and the valve is worked in the bore to make sure it is operating correctly. (The new design Sonnax/Transgo switch valve kit, helps keep the plugs riding true in the bore)

Now we move to the accumulator bores, the bores are checked for wear.  Slight wear is acceptable, as the new billet accumulators move the place of contact higher in the bore and away from the original wear points.  Any unusual or abnormal wear, and the bore must be sleeved.

Once the accumulators are installed, it is time to add in the factory springs and the new HD springs from Transgo, followed up with a thicker accumulator plate with added bolts.  The plate is secured to the valvebody with new locking bolts, and we add loctite to keep them secure in the threads. 

After we install the checkballs into their proper location, it is time for the separator plate, and the DNJ billet casting.

Once the DNJ billet channel casting has been installed and torqued to spec, it is now time to install the new OEM solenoid pack.

We have now walked you through our process for building a valvebody that will last, and allow you to have a little fun with the 68 without the fear of it breaking down.


This is a complete and ready to bolt on assembly, you simply remove your old valvebody, and install our valvebody. 



Each valvebody is sold exchange and with a $200 core charge, meaning you must return your valvebody before you can get a refund.

All valvebodies will be sent out with an ARS tag in the box, making it easy for you to send your old valvebody back and receive your refund. 


If you have a 2007.5-2009 truck, you will not receive a refund.  The early valvebodies have proven to have too much wear and most are not able to be rebuilt.  In your case we are out a core and are forced to buy late model cores to replace the early ones that are returned. 

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but please know we are working on a solution.