47-48RE TCS billet intermediate shaft

47-48RE TCS billet intermediate shaft

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A518, A618, 47RE & 48RE Intermediate Shaft.

Made for Performance Dodge Diesel Applications!

Designed for high torque & heavy towing  applications.

  • The shaft is precision machined and ground from 300M steel and heat treated for superior surface toughness and durability. 
  • This shaft is made for high torque engines and is an ideal replacement part to satisfy the demands for extreme off-road service and high performance applications. 
  • Spline machined with large blended radius to reduce common fractures associated with the OEM version.
  • Much stonger than the O.E.M. intermediate shaft


This shaft is good up to a 1000HP on a street driven truck, if you use your truck for any kind of competition and have big HP, then the 129700M would be more suited for you!