45-68RFE Transgo Tuneless kit

45-68RFE Transgo Tuneless kit

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This is the kit we’ve all been waiting for!


Once again, Transgo has brought us yet another innovative product! 


This kit is the answer to the 68RFE blues; raised line pressure (without the need for trans tuning), nice firm shifts (again without the need of tuning), higher line pressure that will allow the O/D clutches increased clamping force without hurting the converter, and the ability to add an extra internal and external O/D clutch for even more holding power!


Way to go Transgo!!!!! 


Must specify what year model you are working on, and if it’s a 5 ball or 7 ball valvebody.


These can take a few days to ship out, as of right now, they are very limited quantity.